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We are a reliable and experienced company, flexible to adapt to your needs. Thanks to our long experience in the healthcare market we fully understand its needs. Therefore we know how important it is to offer a quality product at a reasonable price and to search for new solutions. We adapt to the specific needs of customers, always treating them comprehensively, taking into account all the conditions. Therefore, we guarantee the highest and proven quality of the offered goods, while maintaining competitive prices. We offer high level of service, demonstrating professionalism combined with a friendly atmosphere of cooperation. We strive to meet the needs of the customer and we are always happy to help. We are also valued in terms of reliability of transport and offering convenient payment terms.

Our offer is addressed to:

  • health care facilities (hospitals, clinics and specialist clinics)
  • medical or cosmetic institutions,
  • surgeries,
  • wholesalers,
  • the self-employed.

Currently we effectively supply more than 300 recipients.

If you have any questions concerning our offer please call!

+48 (52) 342 21 83